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    that, to enable herself to lay a finger archly against her snub nose,

    ‘Is it Murdstone, ma’am?’ I said

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    politeness, I am sure,’ said Miss Murdstone; with an irony which

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    Not far away is the famous stone, but at the moment, but no time to admire the view of Yu Huan.

    ‘How’s Mrs Fibbitson today?’ said the Master, looking at

    untimely hours, and scarcely ever opened the door of a dark

    having frightened her, and made her cry

    Wujiu said he wanted to die, have to wait until the end.

    little inexperienced and girlish, Edward—I am sure you said so—

    lay here, blessed him not once, but a thousand times”’

    are obtained from him with great difficulty, and even under fearful

    I led him up the dark stairs, to prevent his knocking his head

    Steerforth, and he’s a damned villain!’

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