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    night, that he had just given his full consent to my being engaged

    longer—I should have held in so much tenderness the memory of

    What did you do then? Why, you went to the Delegates Who were

    knew he could find a clean, plain lodging for the night I went with

    When I saw him going downstairs early in the morning (for,

    Mr Dick’s renown was not long confined to us After a few

    On looking at Master Micawber again, I saw that he had a

    Iam doubtful whether I was at heart glad or sorry, when my

    ‘That’s just his age,’ he said ‘He was eight years and six months

    from her countenance, sat on the gravel, staring at me, until I

    Soldier resignedly, ‘that, of course, he gave up altogether, when he

    room that was revealed to him; and when I heated the coffee in an

    I am terribly dejected for about a week or two I take off my

    rapturous reflections; but I neither see her in the street, nor when

    our brother Francis’s death,’ said Miss Lavinia; ‘and therefore we

    his going about to all the shops in the neighbourhood to change

    with a tea-spoon’

    the baby out of its little cradle, and nursed it After that, she

    ‘It’s very unfortunate,’ said my aunt ‘I don’t know what to do,

    soon have thought of telling to—Jack Ketch’

    Uriah Heep; who was so officious to help me, that I uncharitably

    going to bed I then made her, according to certain established

    matter in this arrival than a stranger might have supposed I

    David Copperfield

    all the evening, on the old locker in her old little corner by the

    while he transacted my business After all these occasions Mrs


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